School in India

– Holy Mother English School

A world where children have the opportunity to reach their potential.

Believing that every child has the right to education, and recognizing the pivotal role of education for progressing in the developing world, we have developed key partnerships with communities to help improve children’s access to education.

To date we have reached out to over 850 children and their families.

We are proud to be working in partnership with the Holy Mother English School in Malvani, Mumbai, the second largest slum in India. With the inspiring work undertaken by the school, the children have real opportunities to build a positive future.

In 2012, we helped to restore the school, renovate its classrooms and paid for teachers salaries.

With our support the children have real choices and opportunities to build a positive future.

Donations of science lab, computer lab & mini library

“It is very aptly said… it takes a village to raise a child! And we must admit that, to educate a few hundred children it takes more than the might of the under resourced school management alone. We are very fortunate to have Mr.Rajesh Voralia’s/Sankreacha Foundation’s care, concern and contributions to run “Holy Mother English School” so successfully and purposefully.

The untiring efforts and unconditional support that you have extended to us, even though you have known us only for a short span of time has made this school more resourceful, more accommodating and a very, very happy place to the children of Malwani. It is our privilege to have you in “Holy Mother English School” family. People like you help us to keep the children from the underprivileged section of the society in their rightful place, that is in a school. Your support means a lot to us and it goes a long way in ensuring that each child gets access to the fruits of education and goes to school, not work. This support has been a God send for the financially challenged children of HMES.

It is your bountiful of benevolence that our children could actually know and see what it feels to have a Science lab. The “mini library” in each class that you generously funded has helped us immensely to develop interest in reading in the impressionable and fertile minds of our students. The computer lab that you funded is one of the best in Malwani schools. This has all been possible due to the very timely and extremely thoughtful financial support so promptly extended by Mr.Raj/Sankreacha Foundation.

Thank you Sankreacha Foundation!

The best thing about this entire exercise is the support has been very prompt as we feel “Help delayed is help denied”. Every promis made has been honoured and fulfilled. This is an unbelievable proposition. He must be well respected as a very brainy business man but our experience says that he has a heart of a genuine educationist who has the welfare of the children paramount in all discussions and decisions. We appreciate and acknowledge each kind word of yours, a pat on our back for things well done and also the valuable and enriching feed back which helped us to fine tune our capabilities and make systemic improvements and enhancements in the entire process of imparting quality education to the best of our abilities.

Thank you for your whole hearted support and encouragements and hoping for a long and prosperous association with you ahead. Thanks and best wishes”, Mohd Rafiq Siddiqui, Chairman / Founder / Principal, Holy Mother English School, Malad, Mumbai, India.